Athleticism: Scholarships

Athleticism: Lou was a beast in the water. He practiced and competed with unmatched determination. When asked how he did it once after a particularly astounding swim meet performance, he replied that it was easy, “you just push the water out of the way.” He was focused on winning (and has many medals and records to prove it) but he also cared deeply about his teammates. Applicants are asked, “How has participating in a sport had a positive effect on (or changed) your life? The 2018 deadline to apply has passed.

Live for Lou has donated to the following organizations and individuals!

*Nauset Turf


*Nauset High School Swimmer Scholarships (2 Annually)

2014-2015 LFL Swimmer Scholarship Recipients

2014-2015 LFL Swimmer Scholarship Recipients

2015 Recipients ($2,500 Each)
-John McLoughlin – University of Miami
-Hannah Walsh – Lynn University

Live for Lou Swimmers Scholarship

2015-2016 LFL Swimmer Scholarship Recipients









2016 Recipients ($2,500 Each)
-Hannah Johnson – Bates College
Taigh Lawless – Trinity College










2017 Recipients ($2,500 each)
-Emma Stevens – Roger Williams University
-Nika Dadoly – Wheaton College


2018 Recipients ($2,500 each)
-LaToya Brown – Bard College
-Connor Stephens – College of the Holy Cross